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with the range of swimwear and accessories from Sutton Swimwear®

The full Sutton Swimwear® range of accessories

Trax paddles

Available in two sizes, the contoured shape and the adjustable straps mean the Sutton Swimwear Trax paddles fit perfectly into the hand and work with your stroke.

They are the ideal accessory for swimmers wanting to help increase strength, improve technique and increase swimming velocity. They can also be used to increase resistance while exercising in water.

Comfortable swimwear

With so many great styles available, selecting a range of everyday, stylish swimwear that performs well is no mean feat.

The latest range from Sutton Swimwear includes ladies swimsuits that offer light, yet secure bust support and a polyester/spandex material that is both chlorine resistant and quick drying. While the men’s swim shorts are made from water-resistant fabric and feature a mesh inner lining, side and back pockets with a drawstring waist.

Ear and nose plugs

The Sutton Swimwear Nose clip is made from a flexible plastic clip and soft silicone nose pads for a one size fits all design to help keep water out of your nose during your swim.

With a contoured design the Sutton Swimwear Ear plugs create a great seal within the ear minimising the risk of them either falling out or water getting in.

Silicone caps

Whether you are a keen or casual swimmer, the Sutton Swimwear Adult silicone cap helps protect your hair from chlorine while creating a smooth outline in the water.

Made from silicone and available in a range of colours they are durable and long lasting.

Storage bags and cases

Sutton Swimwear offers a number of storage solutions to keep your goggles and kit safe.

For your goggles: a great value, lightweight, slip-in micro-fibre drawstring bag to hold your goggles; or a premium rigid case made from flexible EVA with soft interior and secure zip.

For all your kit: a polyester backpack with a number of great features which makes them perfect for swimmers: multiple sections, waterproof internal pocket and mesh external pockets.

Also available, the Sutton Swimwear range of goggles

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