Drowning Prevention Week 2016 helps to #stopdrowning

Michelle Sutton

According to RLSS UK, every year 400 preventable deaths by drowning are reported and for EACH of those there is an estimated 300 near misses. 

To avoid these, they have developed the following water safety tips for: 

  • at home
  • at the beach
  • on holiday
  • in the swimming pool
  • by lakes and rivers

S.A.F.E Code 

  • Read their SAFE code for summer safety around water with your children and visit their website. 

Spot the dangers 

  • Check for hazards such as tides or currents
  • Consider what could be hidden under the water
  • Be careful of unsafe banks, stay well back from the edge

Take Advice 

  • Always read the signs
  • Only swim where there is a lifeguard
  • Wear buoyancy aids and life jackets

Go with a Friend

  • Swim with your friends and family
  • Friends can get help
  • Never swim alone

Learn what to do in an Emergency 

  • Find the nearest phone and call 999 or 112
  • Shout loudly to attract attention
  • Never enter the water to save someone

Here is our optometrist James Sutton discussing some aspects of water safety with the President of the Swimming Teacher Association, Richard Timms. 


As heard on BBC radio 

Stay safe this summer, see everyone clearly in the pool, sea or spa with prescription swimming goggles.

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“As a pharmacist I see that keeping fit is important and am keen to promote the eye health and water safety benefits of prescription goggles and masks.”

Michelle Sutton (BPharm MRPharmS)
Founder of Prescription Swimming Goggles

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