How to keep children entertained in the pool and on the beach

Michelle Sutton

Keeping children of all ages entertained in a pool on a long, summer holiday can be challenging but easily solved by packing a few, small swimming toys out of our selection of fourteen. They can play games with their siblings or friends they make on holiday and it always amazes me the number of ways they use their imagination to invent new games with what they have. 

Zoggs pool ball for water football 
As well as just diving down for dive sticks, rings, balls and even glowing coins, they can match characters or play football or rugby with soft, water-friendly balls.

  • Zoggs Little Squirts
    Fun Zoggy and friend characters that squirt water for fun at bathtime or in the pool! Toddlers absolutely love these, both squirting and the excitement of being squirted and they encourage and build confidence in the water. Simply squeeze the characters to make them squirt water. Characters include; Zoggy the Seal, Tommy Turtle, Cedric Crab and Ozzy Octopus.
  • Zoggs Clam Dive and Hunt
    Split the clams in half and when they fall into the water they settle face down. This is a great diving game to collect matching pairs and each pack contains 3 clam shells. Inside each clam there are matching symbols and children need to retrieve the matching pairs to win. This is an excellent way to encourage co-operation and working together as children can take turns hiding and finding the clams.
  • Toypedo
    Developed under the principles of the water rocket, this amazing underwater rubber toy soars from one end of the pool to the other with simply a flick of the wrist. Glides up to 40 feet underwater. Great for practising catching skills underwater. Size:280mm (L) x 165mm Circumference. Suitable for ages 5 years +

Visit the Fun and Exercise section of our prescription swimming goggles website to see the full range of our tried and tested pool toys.

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