Planning your latest winter getaway and dive?

Michelle Sutton

If you like to dive during the winter months, keep your visibility high with one of our large lens prescription diving masks. Whether it’s in the warm waters of a winter sun holiday or the colder climes of the UK, make the most of your winter dives by upgrading your mask or accessories. 

Here’s our optician’s recommendations.

  • iDive Mask 
    A wide field of vision at a great price with moulded case.
  • IST Corona M55 
    Our best selling diving mask thanks to its great value and robust quality.
  • Seac Sub Extreme 
    Another 5 star rated mask with an excellent quality finish and wide range of powers.
  • Cressi Big Eyes Evolution 
    Offers incredibly clear vision and features long-lasting advanced technology.
  • PSG Flexible Snorkel 
    Our own brand snorkel and you can save 20% buying with a mask.
  • IST Speedy Fins 
    A great quality and great value pair of fins (flippers) for anyone snorkelling or diving

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“As a pharmacist I see that keeping fit is important and am keen to promote the eye health and water safety benefits of prescription goggles and masks.”

Michelle Sutton (BPharm MRPharmS)
Founder of Prescription Swimming Goggles

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