About Prescription Swimming Goggles

Founded in 2006, Prescription Swimming Goggles is part of  Butterflies Healthcare, an expanding, family run company with a background in Optics and Pharmacy.

On this site we have gathered together as wide a range of swimming goggles and diving masks as possible that can all be supplied with corrective lenses. The range of powers our off-the-shelf products can accommodate includes long-sighted and short-sighted prescriptions from +8.00 to -12.00. The number of styles also means that there are models to suit most face shapes and requirements.

Serious swimmers might focus on design, styling or their preferred brand while the casual swimmer might focus more on cost where our own Sutton Swimwear brand fits the bill perfectly. In either case we can meet these needs. The same is true of our diving masks, with great value models for the holiday snorkeller/diver, or leading brands for those who know what they want and like.

But it is not all about just seeing well. We have also sourced a selection of accessories, including our own PSG range, to store and care for your products and finally some toys and games to add that bit of extra fun in and round the pool.

We sell most items through mail order either over the internet, by phone or post. Our geo-targeted websites reflect our wish to reach out beyond our shores in the UK and we ship products across the world.

If you are local to us, you can visit our premises. Our offices are situated in the hamlet of Warkworth just outside Banbury with views over the idyllic Oxfordshire countryside. Our knowledgeable staff, take and fulfil your orders and pass on any detailed queries they are unable to answer to James and Michelle, although you might find the answer already on our frequently asked questions page. They are responsible for the day to day running of the order fulfilment process.

James Sutton James Sutton (BSc MCOptom) is a practising optometrist who trained at the University of Wales, Cardiff and has over 20 years experience as a high street optician.

He applies the knowledge he has gained during this time to offer advice on a range of optical matters including prescription swimming goggles and diving masks, dry eyes, blepharitis, macular degeneration and eye vitamins.
  Michelle Sutton Michelle Sutton (BPharm MRPharmS) is a practising pharmacist who trained at the School of Pharmacy, University of London and has over 20 years experience working in a variety of high street pharmacies.

In 2011 she won the Banbury Women in Business Award for an established business. She advises on the use of eye drops, vitamin supplements, skincare, cosmetics and sensitive skin.

At Butterflies Healthcare we are dedicated to providing the best in all that we do and our core products cover eyecare, healthcare and beauty.

  • Optical/Prescription swimming goggles & diving masks
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements for macular eye health & dry feeling eyes
  • Cosmetics/skincare for sensitive skin and eyes
  • Natural and organic cosmetics/skincare
  • Anti-ageing eye drops
  • Supplements to promote healthy joints & bones

In the case of our key brands we also supply direct to opticians and sport stores so they may be available in your local area. Ask your local retailer and if they do not stock our products already, please ask them to contact us on 0845 838 6704 or 0333 700 6704 to place an order and become a stockist.

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